Dave Chappelle: Will he rock our world?

I hypothesize yes. He has come to mean a lot to so many of us, also he is one of the few people I like to hear from who has not died within the last year, it has been a very lethal year so far. Now while his May 31st date to start his 3rd season has passed, and he ran off to Africa unannounced, things remain unchanged. What most of Americans don't realize is this is what cool people do, giving notice of intent to go somewhere is for pussies. The man makes comedy, do you make people laugh and then spend money for DVDs of what they saw to laugh once again, do you? Surprisingly, only a few people had to get smashed in the balls for it to be made, and almost none of those where on screen, he's that good.
Three reasons he's better then Chris Rock:
-Dave Chappelle is not a Rapist.
-Chris Rock's voice has a real world effect on national demographic studies on suicide, while Mr.Chappelle's voice is a beautiful smoke cured D.C. scratch.
- Mr. Chappelle never starred in Head of State.

I am also required to mention somewhere here that he is Rick James Bitch!

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