How many billions could you spend?

Admitting that the main reason for the federal government was to create the spectacle of an entity wasting billions of other peoples  hard  earned money, regularly, and having just watched the 1985 Richard Pryor classic "Brewster's Millions" the elderly Senator suggested the next President be chosen in a contest, where they will spend the entire federal budget between now and election day, and to pay for the rest of the physical year with lots of debt. While Sander's might just be fishing for ways to stay in the race and get out his message that both parties are " a bunch of @#%$ - tards" and "GunZ!GunZ!GunZ!" both Trump and Clinton responded enthusiastically.
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While both Trump and Clinton made their prefatory insults in regards to a man who has more executive and legislative experience than the two candidates combined, and has stuck to his political philosophy for the entirety of his political career, which is a level of fidelity that both of the other candidates find laughable. In the end they gleefully endorsed his plan, dreaming of all the drama and corruption they could cause with hundreds of billions of dollars that they will get to spend frivolously on things that improve the lives of no one except those being paid to do it. Clinton has already outlined her plan for a vast bureaucracy whose entire purpose will be to give cushy jobs to the 2nd sons of our nations leading families.

In a state where corruption abounds, laws must be very numerous

Trump has, upon hearing of this new contest, driven his wall project into hundreds of billions of debt before construction even starts, using his trademark "Chapter 11" moves to restructure his debt and screw over even more Americans. He will also use these funds to deny basic rights to stigmatized minorities despite the cries of the Supreme Court and the Obamination in chief. Obama, clearly sniffling and petulant, is seeing his last chance to forge a legacy with other peoples money go up in smoke as the candidates frenzy to show America how expertly they can spend their money heats up and depetes the treasury. The Obama Administration continues to protest the emptied coffers of our nation and how this contest has excited the imagination of a easily distracted electorate, and stolen his thunder.


Lucy has moved the football for the last time