Trumpian love-fests abound

Clinton stated "I am debasing myself with many amoral, and tight women, to display the total moral vacuum which is the Trump Campaign". 
While many commentators have discussed the violence and racism prevalent  around Trump rallies, few have talked about the violent but consensual love fests occurring up, around and inside American politics. pistoning away for Trump. Few can deny that his devil may care and consent is a matter of opinion attitude has lead to a lot of penetration, it is widely expected that 2017's baby name of the year will be "Trump II" as per his request, and at a communal Bris Trump said " I don't care for any of you, most of you are foreigners, but I love you, because you fight, and you are quality" He then squatted and expelled 7-pounds of liquid waste in under 6-seconds, in what many thought was a ruptured sphincter episode, but what was in fact a rectal publicity stunt.

In response to the KKK's endorsement Hillary says "Thank you, but not now".

The KKK has switched its allegiance from Trump, almost entirely on Hillary's plans for a "Greater America".
America 2021, or bust
While most Clinton supporters look towards the domestic and foreign policies Clinton has put forward, few look at the billions Clinton has funneled into the adventures of hundreds of free-booting Stalinist white supremacists fanning out over the Americas, each making a revolution, only, in their individual allotment. From a flotilla of electric powered, wind supplied submersibles one Arkansas warrior had this to say:
A white band, like Martha's Vineyard from Portland to Portland, can you dig it!!!