G-d still deciding how dark he wants to go

Most years, mercy v. vengeful is a coin toss, but this year, it could be personal

El the primary G-d of several pantheons and at least three monotheistic religions, is apparently contemplating just how dark he is planning on making things on earth between this winter solstice, and the next. With both Queen Elizabeth II and Charles Manson seriously ill G-d is wondering if he should continue to reap the best of humanity, or to start trimming the other-side of the ledger and return logic and sapience to the leaders of the world. Allah is supposedly waiting on a one Sally Davenport of Birmingham to decide to tell her mother the truth about who stole the cookies, or continued to allow her younger brother to take the blame, with El Shaddai mentioning there are a lot of fault, fissures and eruptions he has been holding off on, but if the little bitch doesn't fess up, well may he have mercy on our souls.