Hyper intelligent Sharks Part II

After the most effective picketing of a event ever this year, at the Surfing Championship in Hawaii a major break through in Shark-human relations has been achieved. While their first efforts were met with screams and angry mobs, like many civil rights movements, after a Hyper intelligent shark spokesman came a shore for a few minutes to explain their views and demands before rolling back into the surf, their views became clear. A UN Symposium on the these amazingly irresponsibly created minority has been called for on a final settlement on their unique condition and a possible homeland.
While the international community has been quick to deal with this problem in a hasty and sensible manner there has been decent. In land locked Montana 30,000 protesters gathered in support of these sharks eradication. " We didn't create them so why should we have to deal with'em" said a local protester whose name was very bland and forgettable. Worst still is the reaction of of the Hawaiian people whose state waters has been mentioned as a possible homeland. Some humorously fat Polynesian man stated " First the White man takes our land now the sharks want to take our waters," I then pushed him over and called him a fatty.
However this shark situation will eventually play itself out one thing is for sure, they will always be a hated minority.