Trump Advocates placing all Muslims & Mexicans in giant specimen jars

They will only be getting the best bio-feed available
From the prow of his Zeppelin Candidate Trump doubled down on his plan to take all Muslims and rapist criminal mexicans, place them in a nutrient rich bath, keep an eye on them, and confiscate their property to pay for it. While both parties agreed his statement was beyond the pale, they were forced to scatter when Trump released his privateers on the gathered reporters, politicians and protesters before riding a column of them down from his chariot, allowing his hounds to feast on their remains.

You're holding that baby wrong! YOU'RE GOING TO KILL IT!

Naww! Just kidding, the Tesco baby is fine

Now that I have your attention...sex! The Australian Sex Party is filling an official complaint against Senator Nick Xenophon, whose service & love for Sparta are legendary and mutual, over his official banner, which is very similar to the battle flag of the Sex faction. Well not the Sex parties flag, but the word sex itself, because it has an X in it, and that letter sounds like that sound because it uses that letter of the alphabet, and the sexists want him to stop confusing people and just give it up and put out. While no one is asking this, one must wonder why Xenophon can't just make his banner using the Greek alphabet's "Xi" symbol, or why the Sex party wouldn't want to go all the way and put a cartoonish depiction of sex in a bed with graphics around a lumpy blanket indicating  strenuous fornication? Or why the fact that a letter sounding like a word would confuse adult citizens? Or if these two groups just fabricated his whole thing for publicity.