Hot dog comedian skewers politicians, Sanders and Trump both require stitches

"Don't you just hate it when you have pinned a state Senator to a bar floor with your over-sized BQQ prong [laughter] No! no, my weapon, you guys are gross, but anyway, you ask him "Do you believe in G-d" and the as-h-le pauses to think, is that really something an adult politician could truthfully ignore their whole life!? No! Of course not! The jerk is just trying to figure out which answer will save his life, some people are so fake."
Wiener Town, NY - The ever living folk creature "Hot Dog Boy" has made his return after a 40 year absence to plague politicians with biting satire, sarcasm, and the threat of impalement. Working under vague Salem protocols the cursed creation of meshed parts, intestinal casings, and bread made of highly processed super gluten, the nitrite fueled sausage's behavior, having been recorded in Iroquois tapestries and early wood prints as"Hot Dog Boy" has been pardoned throughout history, and to attempt to bring him to trial would release "Hell's Snack bar". Last night, Hot Dog Boy held up a Democratic fundraiser along with his "Tube meat Gang" made up of armed, cursed, hot dog vendors who had sold their souls to the King of Condiments for a perfect corner, and impaling Secretary Clinton, who still very much alive, had been dipped in cornmeal and was about to be deep fried when the "Son of the Cajun",  the teenage crime fighter and heir to the late "The Cajun", burst in firing rock salt into his already sodium rich target till he dissipated promising revenge in the form of a gassy political limerick about farts and intentions, but we all knew what he meant.