The more you know, the less you care.

Some people say people are like viruses. Mostly machines and machine sympathizers, those who identify more with a rigid dark world of "0's" and "1's" to the chaos we call life. In other words, these "others" lack the pragmatism to understand the issue they have presented. The issue they have presented is a ripe full issue, with fully anthropomorphic child baring thighs, like a youth in spring, a Arcadian relief from the late Victorian era, a thing of beauty...Something those filthy robots and their robot loving half breeds could never understand, for they are cold, and live without beauty. But you my friend, with your Sophist mind know viruses are perfect, their general structure unchanged through out all of natural history, while we were still swimming around is some apes nut they were masters of the world, in other words we still have some work to do, they don't.

-this has been brought to you by the V.A.D.L.(Viral Anti Defamation League)

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