!!! The Fellonist!!!

BURGER CITY(SOMETIME) The Fellonist has made another of his trade mark escapes, not unlike all the combined escapes of the Cinema so newly born by Mr. Edison himself. Truly a black Mariah turning in the eye of crime. Several hours after dawn a dock worker stumbled upon the handy work of non-other then the Fellonist, a felonious rapscallion if the Lord Jesus has ever decreed one. Carousing with Chinese labor on the morning of our Lord…well years don’t matter .
The Fellonist had captured the Mayors daughter, and hidden her in a most secrete of warehouse, secrete except to the courageous drunken dock workers who stumbled were others are afraid to walk in glaring light of sobriety, proving mister Ness and his gang the fools. After mistaking her for a receptive seal the dock worker freed the women who ran screaming to the nearest cop .
The Fellonist had, in the meantime, Planted three bombs on the north central planning to blow up the super sleep express, the railroad for better people. After much delay it was believed the Fellonist to be quiet the fool sending his ultimatum a week in advance and he was sent post haste to sentence in our most ineffective of courts.
Believing his holding cell in the court to effectively be prison he burrowed out with a Spoon and a determination that would make a Scotsman proud. Once outside he proceeded to finish what he had started once again placing explosive in ambush of the Iron Horse of white mans progress , the railroad, eternally the cheapest route to move materials over land. If Indians hate it, it must mean progress. Servant of the Pope who also work as police officers apprehended him hassling a vendor for TNT and Silencers. Once again escorted back to prison where a officer of the court sentenced him to a French Corporate retreat on A volcanic Island off the coast of Antarctica where the Fellonist promptly formed a raft of his co-Captives sailing Back to San Francisco, who were saved by the Fellonist’s rig of breathing devices, as he says himself “always humanist always a Fellonist.”

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