Ollie Into Heaven:Sub-objectivity

As you all know here at the Ollie into Heaven Project we're all about keepin it real. And what more effective tool for keepin it real is there than the age time honored method of breakin it down. There is so much conflict these days about what is objectively true and what is subjectively true, its so confusing and as we all know confusion is the yetzer hara's special application scoped rifle pointed straight at your face. But shhhh don't worry, at Ollie into Heaven there is no Objective or Subjective, there is only Sub-objective. Sound complicated? Dude it's so not. History is complicated. I mean for real, the entire compiled record since the dawn of civilization. Is that a red dot on your forehead cause I think the yetzer hara's about to pop? But lets face it without objective history, we dont have past events as a reference to plan our future actions. Congratulations the yetzer hara just splattered your brains all over your crying mothers face. It's called mesora dude, now we're getting sub-objective. With mesora we can make up fantastic stories that heroic figures may or more likely never did and base our future actions on those. So lets say in real life some rabbi had a job and supported his family responsibly while minimizing his work schedule and leisure time in order to commit that time to his learning and prayer, are you feeling fuzzy? I don't know I kind of feel like I want to punch that rabbi in the face. How about instead an angel, or better yet another dead rabbi comes to a rabbi and tells him that he has to commit his whole life to study or else his whole life will be a huge waste and then when his family is about to starve to death a king or like a forest troll or something gives him like a box of gold that he then gives to another poor rabbi only to be rewarded by yet another box of gold. Now I'm rock hard! History rewards consistency, fortitude and unwavering commitment, mesora rewards fantastical, super- human behavior and here at Ollie into heaven we are nothing if not Super humans.

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