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Board games:
Everyone knows that friends, family, fuck buddies the whole caboodle loves board games. Well we have a eye opening soul wrenching experience to set their souls straight. :
Runaway games-" I have to be home by 11pm, I'm going to sleep with a crack head."seems like a nightmare, it doesn't have to be. Teenage disobedience without remorse or sense has been a reality ever since we gave woman the right to vote. Regardless teenagers psychological health, their minds and bodies have been up for grabs for over a decade and here at Oedipal games we have worked tirelessly to find games to bring our generations disaffected youth together with their parents without weed or a court appointed attorney. '" You don't except my holistic dream vibe as scientific fact" no longer is a psychological act of war but a playful ploy to begin a game of "Runaway games" the board game for disaffected youth prone to trading in their easy suburban lives for one of degrading sex acts and substance abuse.

That's Our Hitler!!! [a rosy cheeked cartoon Hitler is pictured hugging a family on the box cover]- You're a Nazi, I'm a Nazi we are all Nazis!!! Since World War II the best way to end a discussion is to say "Thats what Hitler did' or "You believe that! Your Just like the Nazis" without mentioning that it seems like a singular anomaly for a political party to come to power in the most economically and socially rich country in the world to elect a supreme dictator who at first embarks on liberal programs such as universal health care, a revolutionary systems of transit and the prevention of cruelty to animals even garnering the Olympics only to embark on one of the most brutally decadent and insane programs of social cleansing ever imagined under the veil of World War. While other barbarise countries have done terrible things, I'm looking at you Russia, a Civilized and progressive government has yet to reach their depths to the same extreme, but that doesn't mean we aren't all a little like Hitler and a little like the Nazis and its time to point that out in Oedipal games favorite medium, the Board Game. Oh no you rolled snake eyes, now you have to sign a false confession or go to the spaces in the east! You landed on the Anne Frank house and must go into hiding, lose your next 3 turns, endless fun for the whole family, [cartoon Hitler bursts through Warner Brothers style ending Bumper]
don't make me inform the fun Gestapo because they have ways of making you play!

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