Hillary Clinton wants to "autotune" History

Its Ironic!!!...?
Hillary Clinton stated that if elected she would have civil and labor rights leaders airbrushed out of iconic images, and have her age appropriate self digitally inserted (William was obviously delighted, till her realized he wouldn't be fingering a 20 something Hillary).
This is my tolerance face
Clinton began by sighting precedent, as Stalin and Hitler had done before her, but when reporters questioned her program or sources of inspiration she had Secret Service agents, who she fondly calls her SS, open up on them with fire hoses and starved German Shepards. After the room had been cleared and the wounded impounded, she explained how she was a women fighting in a mans world married to an unfaithful spouse that she should be applauded for remaining with and sympathized with for the cruelties.inflicted upon her, and if you question that paradigm, she will bleed you out herself.

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