London Mayor product of love quadrangle between Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Clancy Brown and Margret Thatcher

Trump and Johnson often bond over belittling the others cherished institutions

In what was called  "The four post Parliament", a time traveling four sided love affair that traversed and transcended time and space to produce one of the most dishonest, charismatic, entertaining, homophobic, anti-European UK politicians alive today, has come to light. In what was originally a meta-birther challenge, has turned into one of the most baffling series of events and consequences, never recorded. No one is sure who exactly incubated  "De Pfeffel", or kept his egg warm through the cold winter of 1963-64, but what we know is, for some politically and professionally convenient period of time, they all loved him very much.

Johnson, AKA Alexander has not heard from Clancy Brown ever since the prolific actor found Jesus and forsworn time travel and its product

While all four agreed "It was the 60's", and "Time travel can make bedfellows of anyone, literally anyone", they are all very hazy on details, Trump mentioned being snow blind from coke and amyls, and Clancy said he was just so impressed by the setting and the power of the personalities involved that he just couldn't say no, while Sanders and Thatcher said they were unsure if their torrid love affair began or ended because of their positions on Irish hunger-strikers , again blaming the 60's, time travel, cocaine and mutual awe.
It is believed that the two politicians often met under the assumed names of Aunt Rose and Uncle Merve

All that is known for sure is that the Upper East side love pad where the future Mayor and MK was spawned, was owned by a trans-temporal holding company run by Trump, but the very act of Boris's conception spawned a wormhole which sucked both the young "Boris" Egg and Clancy Brown into an alternate dimension and deposited them into their own pool of quantum foam, one to become a renowned character actor, the other to pierce his calcified embryo with his horned beak and crawl into Stanley & Charlotte Johnson's heart, who temporarily contemplated flushing it before deciding to raise it as their own. While Thatcher and Sanders continued to meet, alternatively in NYC and Boca Raton Florida for decades, posing as an old argumentative Jewish couple, Trump was left with only his memories... and a safety deposit box full of 8 mm film.  

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