The Conspiracy not to assassinate Trump Pt 1.

Since the early 80's is it has been commonly held wisdom: bang, bang two in the head and one in the chest, if you are a bombastic venture capitalist punk with cajonese of a space age polymer known to alien ex pats only as Trump/Donald, you know its not that simple. Prior to his birth certain ancient cults, I'm looking at you Zoroastrians, so hard it hurts, began slaughtering pigs and dogs in untold numbers, a lot from south Asia...more than you would expect. Diverting blame towards the national well association and other canine scapegoats, you guessed it, time travelling renegades, they are everywhere, woven in time. Began their impudent reavings. Why wont they stop [pantomime pulling ones hair out] , because of Donald MLK Trump, the quantum agent version of Trump who has saved existence time and time again, and whose only weakness is that his life, that of a altruistic omni-powerful savior to mankind, DMLKT who has saved mankind from threats foreign and domestic native and extraterrestrial, but, as I eluded to before is tied to the bombastic Megalomaniac Mogul Donald Trump, two bodies, one life force.
Things just got complicated
So while the anti-Trump Death squads loaded onto Osprey's and proceeded by a 36 hour bombardment are doable, and even pleasant, can we afford to kill Trump? Both the long and short answer are a resounding, deafening and aggressive "no" but let us elaborate:
A) Trump is, theoretically, a person, of course the accident at Pearsons pier put that to the test, but...basically human material, not fit for murder.
B) Murdering a paranoid Billionaire is difficult, Margaritas are easy...apolitical, welcome to Margaritville, or something.
You gotta ask, how bad do you want it
C) Cyborgs, especially time travelling ones, love Trump, sometimes too hard, sometimes too fast, but it is still called love, in a monochromatic voice as the pincers close around your larynx.
D) My little Ponies
He will do things, Pony things
DMLKT certainly has a range of allies despite his uretheral meatus of an alter ego, 90% of them want him to live; 80% of the time, which means its time for the Shadow UN to be called!
Both UN's are creepy in their own way

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