Hillary Clinton's Emails show she is just not a good person

Hillary Clinton texted this image to President Obama, which read " I just grabbed this girl on her way to school and brought her home with me, can I keep her?"

While Mrs. Clinton's email scandal has generally focused on the blase way that she handle sensitive information, much of which has reflected poorly on her as a former secretary of state and as the Democratic candidate for the presidency, but they also show that she is a huge, mean-spirited, power crazed jerk. While not a matter of national security, in one anecdote she described Bill's chivalry while her husband was governor of Arkansas:

"Bill, you know can sometimes be insensitive, but one rainy Arkansas day, Bill saw I was about step into a puddle, so he grabbed the nearest person to him by the neck, I believe it was an elderly [racial expletive] women, at least I think it was a women, you know how "those people" look after 50. Anyway, he pushed her face first into the puddle so I could walk over it, and kept his foot on her back until she thanked me for the privilege, I still get a good laugh out of it just thinking about it now."

She also discussed how she stole cutlery from state dinners, used interns as furniture, would kick the Obama's dog when no one was looking, and believed Obama's daughters were stealing from her, though she begrudgingly called Barack "one of the good ones."

In many emails Mrs. Clinton mentions the perverse joy she gets from farting in enclosed spaces 

After the 2012 Benghazi attack Clinton would send out news stories to staffers about how U.S Ambassador J. Christopher  Stevens was violated before and after his death, stating " The [Homophobic expletive] probably liked it, LOL. Seriously, they probably gave him his dream send off" and "He always was a pain in the ass".

In a internal white house contest for one picture that describes how one feels about the American people, this was her entry.
As of press, newly released emails described how she ate other peoples lunches, even when they were clearly marked, shat in urinals, and would discuss the upside of suicide to anyone who came to her with a problem.

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