Sorry John, he's never going to change

Ohio Governor John Kasich says he won't back Trump unless he sees a "Fundamental change". John, I hate to break it to you, but Trump is a living fossil, he is a scorpion, he will not have a fundamental change in 300 million years. 1980's Trump is effectively the exact same as 2016 Trump. You tell me the old Trump is gone, I'll tell you to look closer and you will find Trump selling junk real estate off the coast of Madagascar, you tell me he has changed his ways, I will point to mystified Amazonian tribesman talking about "Chap-Ta Uleven", the man’s antics are woven into Scottish folklore and Irish superstition, with a pre-Cambrian fossil record. In short, what I am trying to say is, Kasich, don't be an idiot and say idiotic things.
In this 1586 painting a small handed man with an orange complexion tricks an angry, ignorant traveler into making him Duke

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