Sanders promises no retreat, no surrender

The end may justify the means as long as there is something that justifies the end.

Sanders, promising to continue the struggle stated:

"I am pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good at asymmetrical warfare, and I think everyone will be pretty surprised when we commit ourselves to unilaterally demolishing this nations crumbling infrastructure and executing the powers that be, after show trials and public humiliation, and I promise to, personally shoot in the back anyone who deserts the cause."

He said at a Hollywood-bowl festooned with pro-Sander, pro-Marxist graffiti and the corpses of unfaithful super delegates  suspended from the rafters with telephone wire, as the wicked glow of trashcan fires played on his 20,000 followers, who fired their Kalashnikov into the air with his every utterance, before melting into the Hills to fight in Sanders endless, borderless war of all against all.

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