I say Pokemon NO!

Does the 13-15th Amendment apply to Pokemon?
Washington D.C. - The recent Pokemon Go craze has had idiotic people, going to idiotic places to acquire idiotic things, so naturally, these idiots, acting as such decided to play in Auschwitz and the Washington D.C. Holocaust Museums dedicated to the people murdered by a megalomaniac evil and insane monster's who wished to capture and eliminate entire races of people.
West can be seen oscillating back and forth while making  high pitched beeps, later explaining he posses natural "Jewdar", but Bernie is one of the good ones

Cornel West, who was recently bitten by a radioactive student activist, about the same time that the masked racist " The Black Panther" began checking the white privilege of random college students, and honestly, based on their teeth alone, the city tacitly agrees they are the same person, but don't want to prosecute him as a vigilante because anyone who does will be thought a racist, one of his many super powers, was questioned about the Pokemon Go phenomenon at an abandoned Bernie Sanders rally West refused to leave the podium of. West said "This is a tool of the regressive white regime to condition a new generation of race warriors to imprison and murder all African American males" before using his 300 foot vertical leap to exit the stage.

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