Hillary Clinton proposes "The State"

As part of The State, all nourishment must be obtained from random citizens via an apparatus which is also called "The State", and then thank the stranger on behalf of The State, as explained in a PSA by Robert De Niro,

Understanding that a Trump resurgence, either during the election or as an armed insurrection after the fact, is just one slam dunk performance of "Edelweiss" away. Hillary Clinton has proposed an all encompassing plan for national reform, welcome to "The State", you are going to love it, because you have to.

Here a Hillary supporter can be seen practicing voter predation 

Hillary will be reinstating indigenous labor reforms by instituting the Encomienda system nation wide, allowing Democratic Party members to "protect" the "weak" in exchange for "services", a system Bill Clinton has used with his interns for decades. "The Votes" will work for the party members, canvasing communities, handing out fliers, manning booths at party events, and acting as the "Honeypot" in complicated blackmail schemes. In return "The Votes" will be given a thorough education in party doctrine, and propaganda to be disseminated to the unassigned.
Here the children will learn the art, they will learn to love it, they will learn to obey it, and to reproduce the likeness of Hillary in at least 6 different State approved poses  

Still looking to Americas glorious past for solutions to today's problems, children over the age of 7 will be raised in Carlisle Industrial Schools, out of the reach of their crypto-Trumpian parents, to be given a proper political and occupational education by squads of Clinton Foundation staffers, proudly living their motto "Kill the conservative, save the gender neutral inductee". Whether or not the tuberculosis epidemics will be incidental or intentional, is still undecided.
But where will the Hillary Supporters of tomorrow live? Not with the rabble I hope!

Lastly, for now, the establishment of Fraktion Stadte's (Faction Cities), manned by peasant soldiers fully indoctrinated in Democratic dogma, separated from the General Population to maintain their ideological purity,  shall be established at strategic locations around the country. The purpose of these pre-planned fortified cities will be to act as a bulwark against subversives at home, model the perfect community for the unwashed and unenlightened, and to keep Trumpian civilization from reanimating over the Alleghenies...or Sierra Nevada's, you know, the middle part.

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