Worm Heaven and Human Hell are the same place

This worms only regret is that he hadn't died sooner, while the person in front of him's primary regret is Usury
Pit of despair, or Ledo deck- In a shocking, but not altogether unexpected turn of events, necronauts have discovered Human Hell, first discovered in 1968 by Richard Nixon. While being further explored by the condemned and coerced, as no sane free man would enter of their own free will, and was noted for its giant carnivorous worms by the survivors of earlier expeditions. These large grotesque invertebrates seemed far more numerous than the semi-corporeal souls of the damned, whose physical selves are hacked at and consumed by the worms, before being regenerated anew the next day, which the now sentient worms celebrate with haunting hymns and rhythmic dance before the hunt is renewed again. This location also turned out to be where especially virtuous worms go when they die, taking on all the aspects they faintly yearned for in their tortured, but charitable lives. While the worst of humanity becomes their food and play thing. So as you can see, in death, the worm truly has turned.
The families of these necronauts will be well taken care of

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