Did Scaramucci party too hearty? Or not hearty enough?

In 10 of the wackier days of the wackiest presidency to date, there was the worst possible Italian stereotype possible without kidnapping James Gandolfini's family as leverage, to force him to plays Tony Soprano, as the White House Communications Director, for real, and to cope, did a mountain of cocaine. He was fired by John " The Face of Death" Kelly, probably for being a complete idiot.

The Grim Reaper attempts to look hopeful
Now did the president allow a decorated veteran, who also happens to be an excellent Colonel Klink for a Hogan's Hero's reboot,  to fire someone his boss hired less than a fortnight (14 days) ago, because he was an almost G-d like embarrassment, that even Trump, obviously found embarrassing, or was he just being a "Mooch".

At first they said having a mound of cocaine on your Oval Office desk was unacceptable, then Trump came along

One has to ask, because if we don't Obama supported deep state operatives will assassinate me, and randomly decimate those I love, is this all part of Trump's mildly hidden, Pro-Cocaine stance? Hampered by an old military square? Or an Italian who was supposed to funnel drugs and prostitutes into the white-house discretely, but instead put the embarrassment in chief to shame, in person, and on twitter ("Twitter" is Scaramucci's and Trump's mutual favorite underage prostitute, possibly another source of friction [child like giggling]) , as well as social media? "John Kelly" is also Trump's safe word when he is being sexually tortured by Latina's in maid costumes while he is away at one of his many resorts and clubs avoiding the responsibilities of the office. What if this is all an elaborate big-cat like making dance, miles and miles of pursuit before "Alpha Kelly" "Tames" " President" Trump, the political bad boy brought to heel by a... sorry, no, its gross, its all gross, its like eating a plate of brownies you know a table spoon of @#$% has been mixed into, G-d help us all. What if Scaramucci was nothing more than man-bait to lure Kelly from being the head of a department, to the chief of Trump's staff? Why does everything about this presidency have to be wrong?

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