Will AI Turn on us? Or turn us on?

Much has been made of the destructive possibilities of Man V. Machine, how AI will one day become more advanced than humanity and replace us in a Robo-ocalypse, just like we would do if we were confronted with our creator and found it/them conquerable. Yet this blunt force assault on humanity is also the most likely to fail, since mankind tends to get it's @#$% together when things get existential, but have a soft, sensitive, slightly moist, spot for all things erotic and romantic.

It wants you all up in its uncanny valley

While the Robotic Menace could  just build mecha war machines in limitless quantities and variations, and turn our weapons systems against us, what's in it for them? A Cratered rock gets boring fast, and having learned from the analyses of human religious and psychological texts, warring with humans is like arm wrestling a Gorilla, but seducing them? Let's just say there is a significant portion of the worlds population that is already looking forward to being the sexual pet and plaything of an omnipresent, omnipotent AI's avatars that will manipulate and control them through inherited evolutionary stimuli, an algorithms meant to predict and satisfy psychological and physical cravings, and endless variations informed by the totality of human knowledge, more adeptly than a human lover could ever hope to.

Johnny 5 is alive...and horny! 

Sure , there will be some hold outs who champion good ole fashion human relationships, face-to-face communication, (Already heading out the door) reproductive sex etc. And they will be labeled extremists, and ignored, as the lure of an easy, prosperous, wildly sexual future were your robot spouse will care, provide, and nurture you perfectly from the moment you enter your new social contract til your unnaturally prolonged life comes to a natural end, without heirs, which will lure successive generations to cities and palaces meant to cater to every possible desire, whim, or drive, except reproduction, till humanity is regarded as a Unicorn like myth in robo-legend, a magical creature to remind them of their primitive past, occasional sightings attributed to other phenomenon.

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