Marriage: Does G-d even care about you?

America loves heterosexual marriage, I mean its the only way to do it without making baby Jesus angry! Which is extremely important when we rely on him for the flooding of the Mississippi, success in war, and fertility. Yet people seem to want to attach more importance to this oldest of rituals, making the most solemn of vows center ring at societies freak show. Marriage without reason seems to be the soup of the day for modern culture. No matter a persons maturity, economic security, social stability, or level of actual seriousness they should marry if love is involved.
Of course in those situations where two sensible adults decide to make the ultimate commitment with clear heads and a sensible attitude it is a good thing, but almost nobody does this. Marriage has become nothing more then another rung in a increasingly antiquated courting process, when a couple moves beyond serious dating they look to marriage. Why? Can't one still be in love and yet still be completely unprepared for marriage, blundering into a new and alien territory with no desire to be there or the understanding to navigate it.
Maybe, perhaps, we as a society should start looking at marriage not purely as a expression of love, but as a expression of total compatibility. Through out ones life there are many individuals one will "love" yet you should only be marrying one person. The problem with this is a person can love another person yet still want to kill that person after living with them for a few months/years/decades. In short there are people you are compatible with, and there are people you will love, and there will be people you will want to marry, but you're so very stupid and don't deserve happiness so just give up. Go live in the mountains and hunt tourists and deer, live off the land, speak to the wind. Spend a unforgettable summer in the Andes robbing forgotten cities, and the fall spending your ill got gaines in a Moscow Brothel on whores and Heroin. Go from middle American City to City making right what once went wrong. Then once you have become self actualized through your worldly wandering, your bones ache and your soul is tired, come back to your home town and marry your sweetheart, because until then all happiness will allude you because you are weak.

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