Social Security: I mean what's with that!

It was a dark and stormy night when FDR was visited by a dark apparition, the same one that had promised him limitless power in return for his legs, and he needed one more favor before he could get it. What was it? The answer is entirely sexual and I won't go into it, but they did talk about the creatures ideas on Social policy while cuddling and then he told him about his big "Social Security" plan, and I am almost sure that's how it all happened.
Now you know the rest of the story.
Well, fastforward to current times, where a group of law makers unite for one purpose and one purpose alone. That purpose is to choose a few broad issues that apply to everyone and make a lot of noise and faux rage to justify their pay checks and the degree of power we trust with them. It turns out that according to some politically motivated think tank, is there any other kind, thinks that in 2017 Social Security will start running at a deficit and it will be bankrupt by 2041. First why don't we wait 12 years to see if any real problem that requires legislation actually evolves as analysts say it might, and then in that 24 year period of deficit prior to bankruptcy you can choose a method of doing something about it. I mean what reason can a person put forward towards patching up a agency that might in 36 years go bankrupt if at the moment it is completely solvent.
Now congress wants to raise the retirement age to save SS for when all members of Congress will be dead by ( Strom Thurmond was the last of a breed, now all senators are built in with designed obsolescence). That removes the one real benefit of SS, it encourages the old to retire making room for new workers, that was the original point.
Anyway, I could go on all day but in short, SS isn't something to be concerned about right now, and is just a tool of Lazy Senators trying to get out of doing the real business of the people.

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