Bring an Unreconstructed Rebel to work day

Here at the Whiskey republic we try and create a socially viable atmosphere. So in response, and do to the dwindling number of daughters not already prepped for future careers in Industry and science, we had to reach out to other jobless populations.

The bring a dependent to work day was less then a moral booster, and led several cynical women to bring their boyfriends in. After a few weeks of soul searching I realized the true meaning of bring your daughter to work day, to bring some one in contact with a proper occupation so they won't resort to drugs, casual sex, or secession later in their life to give it meaning, and who could use these lessons more then those who cling to a causes long since debunked & defeated.

The day started with a little getting to know you exercises, and the handing out of name tags which could have gone better. Turns out a lot of them prided themselves on living private lives, and a few masked gunmen in the back opened fire in the air, the Yoga class on the 2nd floor will be missed.

Instead I have just gotten to calling them all Johnny and forging a connection with them over hard tack and whiskey. Sure they they all hated authority and were unwilling to live by established codes, but that doesn't mean that they don't like friendship or watching Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas on the A/V system, I mean nobody gets any work done on days like this anyway.

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