Bush: By the power of Texas

Bush Sighed as he looked out the window into another sight bleaching Texas day, wishing he could be out fighting terrorists when Dick Cheney came running into the office breathless, desperately trying to fibulate his heart with his right fist. His Intern caught up and told the President "Chirac and the Axis of Evil are attacking Freedom land, what do we do." The President "Pondered" what was to be done while a team of doctors had cracked open Cheney's chest and were slowly massaging life back into his heart, "Ericka, I've got it" the President exclaimed, giddy with insight, barely suppressing a half smirk.

The President unsheathed his fathers sword, forged by William F. Buckley in the flames of some New Zealand Volcano." By the power of Texas I am armed" screamed the president as he held the sword aloft. Suddenly he transformed into the warrior prince of the lone star state and he rode forth on a saddled Scott McClellan.

To Be Continued...

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