--Breaking Scientific/Math News--

A enigmatic and very rude mathematician from St.Petersberg, Russia refused maths highest honor. This "Grigory Perelman" is 40 yrs old, lives with his mother, refuses to submit his research to peer review, posting it on his website, and is contemplating turning down millions in award money for solving "Poincare conjecture." Now yes, I may better understand the shape of the universe, but this man is missing his chance to get out there, he could be the biggest new thing on the stupidly hard problems scene since, whatever it is that happens that's great in math, something by Einstein. Like the mans style, eccentric Germans, what aren't they capable of. Anyway the Russian has clearly insulted us and I suggest we take Math away from them, possibly Art and Fraternity too, but lets start small and see if it makes a difference. Ah, Science.

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