Op-ed response: The Senator

Everyone knows that "Rabbi" Xander Shmoiglstein and Dr. Milton Osiris are enemies, right? Shmoiglsteins Ultra-Modern Orthodox movement stresses spirituality, the immortality of the human sole and tax cuts, while Osiris demands focus on corporal reality, existential truth and third trimester abortion rights. Every Sunday while good Christians are begging Jesus to do something about these guys, they smatter the talk show circuit in an endless dissemination of their morally bankrupt, corrupt and oddly sexually arousing ideologies. And now, its taken a half retarded reporter from Cleveland to expose the truth, that these "Gurus" are connected at the pocketbook ( "half-retarded" is not meant a dig against Dr. Newberry. I've met him many times, usually at twilight and under a shroud of mist and although twilight doesnt last for very long, if you run into someone over the course of a lot of twilights, which Dr. Newberry and I it seems have, you really get to know a guy, no matter how much shrouding mist there is. What I've learned is that he suffers from a very acute case of multiple personalities disorder or at least something very similar to it. His other personality is actually quite retarded, though very cute and lovable. So in essence I only mention it to further commend Dr. Newberry for triumphantly managing his disability and to condemn the media at large for being stupid as fuck). Sure when Osiris's Book "Shmoiglstein: Fool or Madman" came out followed shortly after by Shmoiglstein's " Lying liers and the lier king, the lying fish and the lying dove and fuck you Osiris" it look liked an old fashion, political/ pseudo-philosophical grudge match for two men's who's charisma far outshines any expertise that they may or may not have in anything, at all. Then, fifty four combined books, twenty eight lecture series, seventeen themed vacation retreat events, non-stop coverage, full exposure, leaked photos, secret memos, untold numbers of "-gate" suffixed scandals and a record breaking payperview, no holds barred cage match hosted by the WWE, these "enemies" have generated billions of dollars, global fame, an absurd amount of political influence and a free small frosty with every large sized frosty that they pay full price for, an offer most American's have to get coupons for from buying french fries. Now their alliance is exposed in the largest and only literal and metaphorical pyramid scheme ever perpetrated. When asked why no action has been taken, a Federal prosecutor talking to "Bunker Life Weekly" stated," look if we can't get this guy (Shmoiglstein) on the numerous and diverse counts of sexual misconduct that he has been unceasingly accused of by an ever increasing number of women, a charge so obviously consistent with his reputation, with his behavior and with his youthful yet, fatherly good looks, do you really think the public is going to bite at the suggestion of an obscure and frankly ridiculous sounding conspiracy, the truth of the matter of which would be almost impossible to establish in the noise of the whirlwind of the spin that would surround it?" The reporter from "Bunker Life" reportedly then laughed at the anonymous Federal prosecutor, as I to will right now, hahahaha, ok that's Enough!

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