Punking Hitler!

The Ghost Armies "Dildo Chair" takes its toll on the fuhrer once again.
The Ghost Army was an elite, hand picked group of Americans brought together to get inside Hitler's head and @#%! it! From inflatable vehicles and deceptive radio signals, to transsexual Eva Braun look a likes and replacing his shampoo and toothpaste with caustic chemicals and feces.
Agents push a VW bug containing Hitler, unconscious, in drag, into the women dorm at a Berlin university
The Ghost Army’s greatest hoax occurred in March 1945 when it impersonated two complete divisions of 40,000 men using soundtracks of construction work and more than 600 inflatable vehicles. The entire operation climaxed with 30 B-19's dropping 300 tons of human waste on and around the Reichstag. Immediately following up on their success, they initiated " The Clowning of Berlin" where some 2,000 resistance clowns where joined by 500 clown agents to prank and make light of the situation the Nazis found themselves in, it is believed that the Clowning of Berlin is what finally drove Hitler to suicide. 

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