Marwan! Marwan! Marwan!

Marwan Barghouti continuing to resist Israel by farting in the prison transport on a 90 degree day

Mustafa Barghouti, or as his older more famous and violent cousin Marwan like's to call him " The Proctologist", after insinuating his impotence and somehow reminding him that he won a position from jail that Mustafa himself had failed to attain, could be seen turning beet red and visible steam, seemingly under pressure to the point that he began making tea pot like noises, after hearing that Palestinians around the globe and the nation of Tunisia have backed Marwan, who is currently serving five consecutive life sentences for masterminding three terrorist attacks that killed 5 civilians, for the Nobel Peace prize, a prize Mustafa had been nominated for  in 2010 by Mairead Maguire, who said he deserved the award because " A prize to Barghouti would be a recognition of not only his great spirit of peace and nonviolence, but also the Palestinian Nonviolent Movement, which gives us all hope for the future of Palestine, Israel and the Middle East Community"  while Marwan's own brother, Maqbel, described Marwan as "a naughty and rebellious boy". In fact when Mustafa heard the campaign is also backed by Adolfo Perez Esquivel, an Argentine human rights activist, pacifist and writer who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1980, he became so enrage and consumed by jealousy  that he exploded, leaving himself singed and seething. As of now Mustafa has locked himself in his room and is promising to never come out again.

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