Old V. Young

He was going to make Bartertown great again

In the battle between 16-34 v. 35-55 a stalemate has ensued when both sides realized  they can't launch the nukes on their own, with Young holding the technical expertise, while Old  holds the codes. While Trump had been looking forward to becoming the Impresario of a Barter-town like city state oasis in the wasteland, and Sanders had begun burying school buses on his Vermont estate, and stockpiling canned good for himself and 400 of his most beautiful followers, and even the mighty Clin-Ton had initiated continuance of government protocols, after immuring President Obama in the Oval office and attempting to seize power in "The Chaos", but just accidentally set off a race war as well, as disenfranchised Democratic supporters in the Northeast megalopolis either looted relentlessly, or attempted to pick off looters from the roof tops, while the elderly and youths find what shelter they can in the generational maelstrom, while former President Clinton has attempted to distract the enraged masses with his Psycho-Sexual Circus live from the Lincoln Memorial where he and a harem of maiden interns and intern eunuchs cavort with the philandering former President in the lap of our saintly 16th to the delight of onlookers,and those watching it streamed over every remaining bandwidth, like a sexual white noise, while fluffers on the benches will be ready to take your donations, which will be used for wine, victuals and song and he has renamed himself the Dey of DC, dressing only in purple silk. But, with the realization that they can't annihilate everyone without the help of their hated enemy, they enter in to a cool detente, and everyone is very embarrassed for the whole thing, especially Bill, as is usually the case.
The Secret Service breaks the news to an inebriated Clinton in the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool

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