Inca Pride

In a roaring global success story Inca and Inca admirers have taken to the streets to raise awareness of Inca culture in its many permutation, many of which  seem to be wildly sexual in nature, and a big part of what makes you Inca is that you, very clearly, in vivid detail if you have the time, and without concern for civility, let friend and stranger know exactly what kind of sex you plan on having.
The banner of Kuychi, the Rainbow g-d of fertility, and the symbol of Inca Pride 

While surely in the golden age of the Inca there would have been a “warriors’ cultivation,” attended by soldiers, mummified rulers, nobles, clerics, and the general population of the Inca beginning on the auspicious June solstice and culminating nine days later with the ritual breaking of the earth using a foot plow by the Inca himself, which has been largely replaced with symbolic police officers, bikers in ass-less chaps (Probably a playful allusion to Inti, the Inca Sun g-d, in that he has uncovered a place where the sun does not shine) and legions of female golf enthusiasts engaging in sexual politics and exhibitionism, but, despite these changes, the spirit remains the same.

Inca revelers, in what we will call "traditional dress"

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