Bill Clinton is looking forward to seducing your daughter

Little Rock - While stumping for Hillary with a group of high school girls smoking cigarettes, the former President explained that he desired to provide a variety of sexual experiences to the nations youth, using his fame and wealth to leverage your child into a, seemingly, consensual relationship with a man known for his proclivities whose female captor is other wised engaged. With the White house again within his grasp the former President was heard jubilantly singing the following:

While the teens were flustered and enchanted by his performance, and looking forward to the aforementioned rape, he clarified that he didn't want to forcibly take the daughter of the listeners, but, instead get her to love him through an abduction/quasi Stockholm situation, and went on to show a dramatic rendition of a musical speech he had sung for his kin many years ago, about his desire to abduct and marry your daughter:

So listener, be forewarned
Here the former President can be seen joking about the sex he is going to have with your daughter, with a known rapist

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