"Sorry Brian, no one noticed your 'Brexit'"

DuLane Lousiana - Brian Wards, 23, and a native son of Louisiana, has met another road block in his personal journey in self promotion as his flamboyant exits, which he hoped would gain him notoriety and recognition, such as his 2013 Christmas Brexit, where he announced to revelers that he had spiked the punch with LSD,exited, padlocked the exits, and cut the power and phone lines, before he shouted through a bull horn "That's a BREXIT @#$%'s" and then dropped the bull horn and left. With the British nation poised to leave the European Union, and possibly throwing the Europian continent into turmoil (Again! Pull it together Europe), thus overshadowing a Dulane natives attempt at presenting himself as a palatable dandy to bayou high society. While one might belittle a mans attempt to brand an especially obnoxious way of leaving a cooperative social gathering, well, you never saw little Brian the Bastard, whose daddy ran away with secretary and whose momma lived at the bar, get tagged out on the dodge ball field, shaking with fury, he cut the ball open and stuck it over the face of the boy who tagged him, pushed him onto the ground as the other sought to remove his rubbery mask and help him breath, Brian turned around, both middle fingers fully erect as he shouted "AND THAT'S A BREXIT". Now poor Brian the Bastard will have to find a new way to define himself, possibly in a magical land of wizards, knights and kings, known as Great Britain.
Brian has Brexited the USA and hopes to make a grand Brentrance upon his arrival in the UK

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