The Creator of the AR-15 only meant for it to "Wipe out the Oriental menace"

He likes racism about as much a he likes secession

The family of the Eugene Stoner, the inventor of the AR-15 (which was developed into the M16), and many other awesome ranged puncturing tools, never meant for his work to be sold to "Men without the convictions necessary to do what needs to be done" which is taken to mean civilians, but that is a matter of interpretation to some. Pressed further the former Marine aviator and WWII vet stated " I make the tools necessary to cull the Red herd, and make the world safe for Western Civilization, and subject others to our will, at our will" his family corroborated these statements with autographed transcripts and 8mm films of the discussion. In one such reel Stoner, clearly high, rambled on about his eugenic fantasies, and that his G-d given ingenuity was a celestial counter weight to the mongoloids natural fertility, and Confucian reproductive ethics. The family even produced a copy of his will, a portion of which stated that his weapons should only fall into the hands of United States civilians "if our boarders are overrun, my righteous weapons should be distributed so as to slaughter our mandarin overlords".  

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