Caution "F" word

Now that you have been duly warned, I plan to use the word "Fuck" a fucktillion times to describe a futuristic hierarchy based on who you have fucked, who you are fucking, who you could realistically fuck in the future, and who these fuck partners have, are and will fuck. Welcome to the Fuckocracy! You're in the game now.

While eskimo relations have long been part of all human societies, as more and more functions can be done by machines or destitute nations, and instead of any productive per suite, your place in society will be decided by a psychosexualmentaculis our brains have yet to evolve  into, in order to preform such sexual math, and even they will need a vast and complex VR AI system to keep track of it all, and while our fucking will be looked back upon as some pastoral golden age of romantic and naturalistic fucking, we can not comprehend the all encompassing fuck we will give and receive thousands of years from now, and how each act of genital contact, for better or for worse, will be immortalized forever, or as they will refer to it , your "Fuck-life" as it pertains to "The circle of fucks".

While there is a class of socially dead "Fuckless Ones", who never fuck, and thus are not part of general society, but instead live off the " Fucktithe", which is a stamp tax for every recorded act of intentional genital contact, and to fail to record such contact is illegal, taboo, and inadvisable considering how much employers frown upon gaps in your FuckCV, or lose the social modifiers for most regional fucks for a certain quadrant. These Fuckless Ones, comprising about 1-2% of the population maintain all essential non-fuck related infrastructure, and tend to live rich, honest and fulfilling lives, though they are pitied by the fucking masses.

To maintain the quality and integrity of the fuck, fuck rehearsals are not uncommon

The fuck related infrastructure is maintained by those practicing procreative monogamous sex, The Families,which itself is considered something entirely different than the births among the general population that only occur after .001% of fucks, due to cheap but somewhat ineffective birth control, considering the number of fucks occurring on any given day, with these births accounting for 85% of total births, but almost all of them are then fostered by Families, as a life of constant fuck-traps, or what we would call romance, is no place for a child. These children are raised till adolescents, when the parents will return to mentor the teen in the ways of the fuck, as a lineal connection, and past and resulting fucks will have a direct impact on their societal fuckscore for as long as their line shall live.
Many humans have returned to the oceans, preferring the 3- Dimensional fuckscape it provides

Now, to your simplistic puritan mind this world sounds base and culture-less, and I won't shoot back "It would be with the way you fuck", because it would make you sad, and kindly put, your sexual imagination is like comparing a gnat to dolphin, both in size, ingenuity, ability to use tools, playing, and having sex hundreds of times in a day, the poverty of that comparison is almost as vast as of that, of you, having sex with anybody in the entire world, under any circumstance, and the fuck that any member of the fuckocracy could provide to any member, at any time.

The fuck has become the cumulative artistic endeavor of the majority of the population, lacking anything better to do, for millennia, after millennia, becoming the greatest and most human artistic experience to ever occur, for thousands of years, drawing human and alien time travelers from across the cosmos for that 20,000 years of hyper-animated bliss, making the multigenerational tapestry of fucks all the more exotic and dazzling, and presided over our fucking, nodding and salivating Old Ones, gnashing and bellowing as they flare with their eyestalks at all that man was doing, heavens afire in terrifying displays which egged the populace on to greater acts of hedonistic play acting, sexual sculpting, and hyper-realistic holographic depictions of acts preformed in an artistic and spiritual flowering the likes of which the universe had never seen before, and never recovered from.

When you fuck the wind, be ready to birth a fuckstorm, as they once said

As anything that could flee to that time and place did so, creating a temporal void lasting thousands of years, rending the universe in temporal and spatial taters, and the few habitable pockets looked at procreation as the cause of all their misfortune and the natural process was forbidden by all species for millions of years, each generation being born artificially and in pain, taking millions of more years to finally recover from "The Great Fuckocalypse".      

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