Clinton Team: "We prepared for a lot worse"

After it became clear that Hillary Clinton would run for the office of President, and planned to use Bill Clinton as a crude maul to bash her way to inauguration, they had to open the biggest can of 90's worms in the pantry . To recap, from the 80's through the 90's Bill Clinton used his position as governor and then president to pressure women, most of whom he had direct power over, to preform sexual favors for him, and then used his wife and the Democratic party to justify these actions as harmless fun, and demonize the opposition for cock blocking the president. That is what we know.

Here the former President can be seen asking pop sensation Beyonce to "Touch it"
"Frankly, compared to what these women claimed, the President did a lot worse! He's not like JFK going after the pretty ones, or the famous ones, he just likes the ones he has power over, the man loves his [historical] slave-master role-playing" Said an anonymous 300Lbs African American maid the President has kept on his "personal staff" for over 30 years, and whose 7 children bare a striking resemblance to the former governor of Arkansas.
Hillary describing how "Bitches" who snitch get "stitches"

Hillary, who can only reach climax by watching her husband degrade other women, pointed out that Melanie Trump probably never, personally gas-lighted the daughter of a family friend into believing nothing ever happened, and definitely never "mulched a whore". A staffer from her campaign, who has since gone missing added " Honestly, at this point, we don't have enough pigs to get rid of all the bodies, we told her most of them won't talk, but I don't think its just about the cover up, I think she likes it" before a high pitched noise caused the staffer to flee in pain.

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