Donald Trump isn't Hitler! He is King George III

Currently, and hopefully forever, Adolph Hitler is the reigning symbol of political evil in the world, a man who was able to twist beautiful and positive things about his society, and the world, into a nightmare we will never shake, and which there were no costs to big, no red line we wouldn't cross, no allies too horrid to make, in order to put the Nazi regime and it's charismatic leader in the ground, for good. So, for any future generations, being able to tie your enemy to Adolph Hitler and his Nazis is the socio-political El-Dorado, since if they are your enemy, you can do no wrong, you can be a Soviet under Stalin and still be the "Good Guys". So it is no wonder that the enemies of President Donald Trump are trying desperately to paint him in such a light. Unfortunately, this analogy doesn't work, at all.
This is a rich entitled douche-bag, who is pretending to be in the military, but won't go to Vietnam

This is Hitler in 1919, a WWI veteran who had been blinded by WMD's. the son of a clerk and simple minded women, whose moral bonafides, at that point in history, are pretty good
Now, of course this article is not about riding the Fuhrer small and malformed cock, but instead an impassioned defense of Godwin's Law. Trump is nothing like Hitler, to say so taints everything that was done to defeat the man. He is a specimen, unique and disturbing, like the musings of H.R Giger and H.P. Lovecraft, a Human cephalopod that avoided mating so he could lead Germany into a wild messianic future . Trump is a large and possibly ancient, Saltwater Crocodile that has been deified by a tribe of headhunters, a tribe that just happens to be the most powerful nation on earth.
Here Melanie and Donald can be seen in their natural form, with petulant Barron in tow
Metaphors aside, a much more fit, appropriate and american analogy would be [Horns sounding]
King George III, Manspreading
Our original enemy, an aloof, far off autocratic aristocrat who restricted immigration, denied Americans representation, and eventually, tried to take our guns (at Lexington and Concord). King George III began his reign with a "UK first, Colonies whatever the @#$%" attitude, stating to parliament, "Born and educated in this country, I glory in the name of Britain" Doesn't sound very American to me. 

Here we can see the President sacrificing a random child from the audience to his Idol of Moloch

Now a gaggle of pandering liberal might try to explain the moral relativism of his position, and how he was much more liberal than many reigning monarchs, how the taxes that the colonies had to pay were minuscule, or appropriate, and I would respond by preform an increasingly loud human beat boxing version of the American national Anthem until you stop talking, and if  it looks like you are waiting until I am finished to start talking again I will go into a falsetto version of the "Battle Hymn of the Republic", and if you are monstrously patient, and have waited all this time to politely get a word in edge wise, as you are about to reply I will begin shouting the names "George Washington, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton. John Jay, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison" I will stop long enough to see if you are still in the game, and if so, I will begin yelling the list again, because that's the Merican way to win the argument.

Underneath their wigs, make up and foppish dress, Trump & George are basically the same person

   So dress up as Native Americans to dump Trump products in the sea, Boycott his products, write up a list of grievances, brand him a tyrant, and wage brutal war against him if he tries to take our guns, because he is an enemy we know and have dealt with before, not a supernatural form of human evil distinct and superior to the devil.

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