Did you know that the movie "Apollo 13" wasn't about space travel!?

While the film Apollo 13 certainly looked like a space drama, and seemed like it was based on real events and people, it was actually a piece of art therapy created in an attempt by Ron Howard to mediate the violent and destructive relationship Gary Sinise so desperately wanted with Tom Hanks, with Tom Hanks desire for a more business like, or even casual relationship, just one that didn't include killing his pets, harassing his wife and kids, and convincing strangers to rape him via dark-net chat rooms and forums.
So tell me Hanky Boy! You coming for Christmas!?!

Ron Howard sought a way for Sinise to live out whatever end game scenario he had cooked up for Hanks, without killing, humiliating or even harming the beloved actor and cherished coworker. The brass tacks of the scenario required Hanks to be stranded thousands of miles from any help, and Gary Sinise had to be his only lifeline. Ron Howard then concocted the scheme of filming Apollo 13, both to fulfill Gary Sinise's overwhelming psychological desire, and entice the space history aficionado Hanks into doing a project with a man that bloodeagled his golden retriever the previous Easter.    

Discarded tag line: " Finally got that smug SOB right where I want him"

While originally being offered the role of the flight director Gene Kranz, Sinise instead chose the role of Ken Mattingly, the spurned team member who was kicked out of the group for "diseased reasons", but he is actually the secret puppet master, and all the characters fall into his web. A great deal of footage was cut to make it more like actual events, and not a humiliating debacle for Jim Lovell, that leaves him emotionally and sensually in debt to Ken Mattingly, who, in an alternate ending which only exists on a 8mm stored under Gary Sinise's bed, depicting Jim Lovell being executed on the moon in a situation reminiscent of the ending to another Gary Sinise classic "Of Mice and Men". As for it's ability to quell Gary Sinise's insane impulses? Well, we will find out when I get you the real scoop behind the Green Mile...

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