I am so proud to live in a nation where my leader is a untrustworthy and insecure man, yet I do not fear invasion


Over the weekend the President, and then apparati of state have made baseless accusations, that if true, would mean the most popular man in a generation could be guilty of a punishable crime, while on the other hand, despite being in a unique position of being able to offer any evidence without legal repercussions, and having access to all the information the government has, they have failed to provide any. The White House Press Secretary, impersonating an overweight female comedian, has refused to talk about it further, and let us remember all we have to go on is a twitter tirade, which in court Trump's lawyer's have argued can not be taken as the truth, or a honest indication of the President's own views. So, till congresses water's down their investigation of his administrations ties to Russian officials, by simultaneously investigating a black man for a crime there is no evidence he committed, but he's not racist, because he told us so, he will not bring any evidence, or even discuss the topic. further.

Here the press secretary can be seen using his imagination to crush the heads of reporters he doesn't like

One has to wonder if he understands how insecure and untrustworthy this makes him look. Lets imagine he has an iota of evidence to back this up? A) Can you imagine him not discussing it in detail, during a rally, were he brings Obama in, in chains, being tased by ICE agents as he stumbles towards his cage onstage, where Trump sporting a noticeable erection and a Judges robes, would personally pass Judgement on the former president? B) Can you imagine any of the previous president's, 2 months into their first term, if they received a dossier, alleging that the past president, whose party is now wholly defeated, had listened in on their campaign, would they have been so insecure that they felt the need to leak it to the media? Or, at least, wouldn't wait till the mid terms? So even if he does have something on the last President, he must extremely flustered, nervous and insecure about investigation into his administrations ties Russia, AKA someone you don't want to be leading us against a resurgent Russia led by a popular strong man, especially if he feels to insecure, to no hold on to it and use it as leverage later on.

The Leader of the free world spent 30 minutes talking about the size of his inaugural crowd before breaking down sobbing asking why everyone loves Obama, but nobody loves him

Now to the far more probable reality that the president is lying, nothing like what he said happened, or at worse, there was a wiretap on someone reasonably wiretapped who happened to be in Trump Towers, where I am sure Trump does not restrict residency to moral and righteous paradigms of humanity. This would mean that the President of the most important nation on earth is libeling the former President on provable grounds, realizing this, they are backing out of the conversation by refusing to talk unless congress involves itself in an obvious fiasco, that is entirely partisan and unsupportable. I will say it again, I am so proud to live in a nation where my leader is a untrustworthy and insecure man, yet I do not fear invasion.

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