The Whiskey Republic Omelette

- 3 Eggs at room temperature
- 1 Quarter Vidalia Onion, minced*
- 2 oz of Baby Spinach, chopped
- 2 Cremini mushrooms
- 4 Table spoons of quality butter
- Gouda and Cheddar cheese, to taste (same goes for salt and privilege pepper)

If for Dinner:
- 2 Cloves of Garlic,crushed, minced*... defeated

- Beer mug
- Immersion blender
- Shallow-sided, non-stick, frying pan
- Spatula

Prepare "The Veg", the garlic should be given "The Nemesis Treatment", as should the onions, the spinach should be given a rough chop, and the mushrooms should be halved and quartered...as a warning.

The Veg, in order and prepared to die for your omelette

Crack the eggs into the beer mug, insert an active immersion blender into the mug and then pulse that @#$%.

Half the butter goes in the pan, on low, then the (Hypothetically, Garlic) mushrooms, onions and spinach till the ingredients are tender and moist [prolonged slurping noise]

Still on low, add the remaining butter, combine with "The Veg", and cover the pan evenly with it, then poor the egg mug in, starting around the edges, working for a even coating, and keep that pan moving until the egg has taken on a custard like consistency. Then, either, add the cheese, flip one side onto the other to enclose, then cook on each side for about a 30 sec to a minute, each, or...if you hate lightly cooked eggs and are feeling dexterous, crimp the edges with the spatula (so the edges separate from the pan) and leveraging with the spatula, flip the omelette custard side down, kill the heat, put cheese on top of half, wait a minute, and then close it up.
A meal so nice it's smiling

* A man should never be mincing, if a man is preparing this dish, he is giving the item TNT   

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