Metal Detectors are Islamophobic

Electrical currents are a Zionist plot, its a well known fact! Or possibly a common confusion, Einstein/ Edison could be the same person just using wigs and facial hair, you can't prove they aren't. As such it adds insult to injury to use them to detect the tools of the righteous martyr by occupying crusaders before they punch their ticket to paradise. Of course, perhaps, if the Palestinians hadn't desensitized the Israeli public to the absolute necessity of  onion like layers of defense to keep political murderers at bay, you know, with the Palestinians favorite form of protest being murder and all, they may be more sensitive to the opposition.

It's like Hiroshima had sex with MK-ULTRA and the abortion didn't die

There was a time, long ago, a Golden Age, beginning in 1968 when PFLP Hijacked El Al Flight 426 for 40 days till 1979 when Zionist beam detectors ended that halcyon Age of violent, Jet based protests, when proud Arab men got the attention they deserved for the worse possible reasons, with 9/11 being , sadly, the Indian Summer of it. Metal detectors are like West Bank Barrier walls, compressed into an entrance sized machine, dammit, the Zionist authorities won't even allow us the basic human dignity of spray painting metal detectors, much less smash them and their operators with an aluminum baseball bat, like the honor of the prophet demands.

Wandering, on a cross, or bust

I mean let us be fair with Islam (and to a much, much lesser extent, Christianity), when they were piecing together acceptable segments of the Jewish experience to form their own monotheistic system, they never really thought the Jews would mount a comeback, and both did their darnedest to make sure that was the case, but with the craziness of WWII and feeling bad about how many of them were murdered for no reason at all, they forgot that their belief systems rely on a weak and defeated Jewish people, way to drop the ball two largest monotheistic religions. To be fair to the Palestinians they did collaborate with the Nazis in hopes of liquidating the Levantine Jews, but you know what they say about the best laid plans...

If you despise Jews, Hitler is great company

Now, the enemies of Islam are making a mountain out of mole hill when the servants of Allah murdered two measly Policemen to infringe on the rights of Muslim Palestinians to use a religious shrine to launch attacks on the innocent. The idea that people who overwhelmingly support violence against their Jewish neighbors should be suspected of planning to harm Jews using any means necessary, just because they have used every means at their disposal to harm Jews in the past, is indefensible.

These Jewish dogs need to be smart, not right, and not start to think that there is some point were only right is right.


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