36% Of Americans just want to lay down their lives for their nation/city/family/single gesture, already for G-d's sake!

Overcomes ring-addiction AND helps save the fellowship, lucky duck

Most sensible Americans would never contemplate suicide, the social, financial, and, you know, legacy things, just make it unfeasible. On the other hand, on the battlefield? For glory? Immortalized in a noble cause [Nation strokes mustache thoughtfully]. I know what your saying, there are no noble causes, its all just shit and taxes, and that's the attitude that has kept you from feasting and fighting with eternal heroes in Valhalla, because any cause is righteous and worthy if A) Your getting paid B) It is legally (By your guys) sanctioned violence, that allows a sportsman like chance for death C) You gotta want it, and according to our survey 36% do.

All he wanted was to bravely save the kingdom from the evil incest family, and this is the thanks he gets, but he will be remembered, and there will be repercussions, so, pretty awesome

We are all flawed and fragile creatures living lives of occasional and fleeting purpose, you're meat, I'm meat, everyone you ever loved is or was meat, and if they ain't meat, they have returned to the primordial shit, but people don't say that about people who die for their beliefs, just ask Jesus, Joan of Arc, the entire cast of the Alamo, remembered on the screen, in art, as vaunted cultural icons beyond repute, with minor attention paid to the lives they lived before they got in over their heads and were martyred violently, with flimsy pretexts for cause, walla, you are a legend! Life is hard, but there is no end to folks trying to enlist folks in causes where they will face danger and death in their stead. So sign up get a gun and uniform and go be a hero just like your sergeant told you not to. Or, being the iconoclast you are invent or shape a fledgling movement in your image and then achieve G-d like status in your martyrdom, either way, have fun with it!

But nobody remembers the guy who gets pushed of a cliff by a cow ( The Field 1990), loser, with a loser dad

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