Perfect Tweetstorm destroys Nebraska town

A combination of social, environmental, and of course, sexual factors led the town to emotionally engage in a series of flash purges, with enough overlapping grievances leading any observer to believe that everyone was butchering everyone they see and that it was everyone for themselves, leading to what was left of the town to be looted to death. An interconnected series of affairs, their revelation, a recent tornado, and a truly amazing roofing deal which included a free AR-15 Assault Weapon, a hazing gone wrong, a batch of marijuana laced cookies distributed at a church event, and a dreamy teenage drifter that came into town, earning the admiration of fellow youth, and demonized by the town's entrenched elite, all contributed to small town America turning on itself.

"It all just went wrong"

Without going into essential detail, and admittedly, reliable reports became rare near the end, we have an unparalleled example of mass hysteria forever immortalized in the fervent, chaotic, hateful, romantic communications that characterized this tragic event, but whose grizzly aftermath reminds us of the senseless violence information can cause, and how it needs to be controlled for the good of the masses, and that honest communication between lovers is a good first step towards averting future twitter related massacres that afflict the innocent and guilty alike.

Scrappy likes to have fun, do you like to have fun?

While a simultaneous possible hoax, sex tape of Shia Lebeouf/Justin Bieber with Scrappy The Wonder Dalmatian might have added fuel to the fire, as Scrappy The Wonder Dalmatian was a local hero from Volunteer Fire Troop No. 10, whose inaction allowed fire to consume the towns once vibrant city center, but instead a series of old but still poignant vendettas that came to life as the town lined up around the issue of Billy Mansetti who was paraded through the town with a decapitated cows head placed over his own with a haphazard straw based breathing apparatus, collapsing from aspirating "beefy chunks", who perished the following week when Anti-Mansetti partisans torched the hospital and several other pieces of vital infrastructure.

It was an old warehouse that all the kids spent an entire weekend on...

While the adults of New Gamla Nebraska turned against their neighbor the Charismatic young drifter Timothy "Master Grievance" Parcel led a series of rap battles, whose original content centered around our common drives and dreams, along with his signature Moonwalk/Robot dance and hardluck past, interweaved with the towns recent tribulations. After an especially emotional set at the Mitchet Residence, Sally Mitchet had the emotional strength to confront her emotionally abusive father who responded by torching Parcel's Rap Capoeira Dojo and Lynching him on a street lamp outside as an"Example".

The rest of the story being fire, civilizations petty attempts to reassert itself, and a local bowling alley marketing itself as a fortified, wi-fi free structure for families to ride out the crisis while working on their game, which was partially destroyed when besieged by feral townies, before being rescued by the national guard, discovering they where the sole survivors of their once typical town.


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