A Roman slave had a life expectancy of 17.9 years

Did you know there are upwards of 10 million Jews in America today, yet Romanesque Architecture is still widely used 

Did you know that almost all materials in all American schools about the Roman Empire, despite the Roman's enslaving  and exploiting countless millions, are overwhelming positive! Despite the fact that their "culture" was just a mimetic hodgepodge of other more authentic Mediterranean cultures, built on a foundation of rape, terror and military dominance that only started to look pretty after it raped, terrorized and enslaved better civilizations and then demanded their slaves teach them all their cool ideas, before doing any manner of unspeakable, or perfectly ordinary, things to them.

Uncle Tom's Jew, a popular Roman myth propagated to roman-ticize one of their many atrocities 
In addition to remaining Roman Monumental architecture, the Roman Church, and latin language & culture forming the basis of Western  European culture, we have to root out it's corrosive, morally-bankrupt, rape culture ( Please click so you can see just how pervasive the problem is), as they were also a culture that was entirely built on slavery, that imploded when its supply of slaves dried up. If the Confederacy was evil for its peculiar institution, the unabashed domination of the Roman slave culture, that was found in every facet of Roman life, means it should be sandblasted from the cultural and historical record except as some vague cautionary tale.

The Federal Style popularized in the United States is basically a cheap Roman rip-off, so is it any wonder that slaves built parts of it? Burn Palladian architecture to the ground so we can be free!

Yet, despite all their moral failings, their bankrupt culture, and despicable actions, Western Civilizations continue to teach that Rome was an integral part of our civilization, that different times create different moral realities, that for better or for worse historical gravity warps our reality whether we recognize it or not, that it just needs context not excision, should we listen? Or instead do what feels good, topple the statues, torch the buildings, melt down the idols, put its priests and scholars in chains, reduce them to poverty, and carry the women folk away as spoils, because that's what the Romans would do.

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