Breaking News: The Emperor KNEW he had no cloths!!!!

If the child hadn't ended it, who knows how far it would have gone
As the Inspector General gave the orders to the assembled masked riders and all the church bells chimed at midnight a grand pogrom across the kingdom began. This episode began several weeks earlier when a transient charlatan tried to pass himself off as a fashionable merchant intent on fleecing the Emperor, being so bold as to think that he could convince the Emperor that no cloths, were the latest fashion. The bemused Emperor decided to play along as his grandfather Hansel the First had when captured by a cannibalistic witch, who he eventually burnt alive, and thought it amusing to show his "Shield and Lance" to the assembled lords and notables, appreciating the freedom his position often denied him. Unfortunately for the assembled crowd, the Emperor was also taking a mental inventory of everyone's reaction to what should have been considered a terrible embarrassment, though obviously not to one-self confident potentate, and deciding then and there who could be trusted... and who could not. Originally planning to tour his castle and the local village in his "New Cloths" as well, before a child called his bluff, and he played the befuddled and embarrassed fool, thoughts of vengeance already dancing in his head. While most thought his absence from public appearance was a matter of embarrassment, it was actually when he secretly marshaled those loyal to him, and planned how to divvy the spoils of those who were not. As for the "Fashionable Merchant", well, the Emperor had to get the leather for his new cloths somewhere...

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