Your G-d is not Trump's G-d, what you need to know

While authorities on the subject are unsure if Trump worships an established pantheon of gods, or if he hired teams to engineer a pantheon of Trump like characters for him to venerate to encourage positive traits, and discourage him form his natural vices of cannibalism and psychotic rape. Trump keeps an undisclosed number of shrines and  " many a shrouded and moss covered  calvary" The exact object of his veneration has never been found, so we can only deduce through arcane, basic & known, as well as newly invented methods.

While outwardly a Lutheran who obviously relies on the concept of "Justification", and will obviously use the atoning power of Christ as far as that will go, but that doesn't seem to be his primary spiritual driver. As most readers know Trump is infested with sentient eusocial scarabs, as so many of us are, and rarely in control of his actions, instead spending his time suckling dung resin and tweeting. Yet, in the coming climactic battle, many Americans want to know how we will be able to coax his psyche past the opiate like mist his scarab overlord inject into his sphincter to keep him docile, to heroically expel the scarabs, presumably through the ass, and save the day, or overcome their psychic grip and do a simple, but necessary action and save the day, or, more likely, sacrifice everything for the royal nectar, which will allow him to transform into an Ancient Scarab, but there is ...still, a chance.

To that end the Super-Pac "The Enemies of the Scarab",  did a deep, in-depth, illegal, sexual, possibly incestuous exploration of Trumps spiritual life, and created an accurate depiction of Trump's higher power/ Sex-Governess, a dual sex entity standing between 12 and 15 feet, who, theoretically, guides, punishes, and sexually pleasures Trump in angry and cosmic ways, who he calls, in breathy whispers, in Esperanto "La Seksa", who will wake from its transsexual slumber in Trump's greatest hour of need, to defeat his enemies and sexually gratify him in unspeakable and unpopular ways. Whether or not La Seksa can be used to remind our commander chief of his basic, baseline humanity, or if this has all been a fools game, and even the embrace of the 69 nine arms, each with 39 suckers, which are both vaginas and mouths, leading to a central pleasure beak, wont be able to save us.  

La Seksa is basically, a sexy Cthulhu

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