Kurdistan is our Czechoslovakia

Honestly, there are no people on the face of the earth more deserving of their own nation, that currently have no Nation State, than the Kurds, especially not a bunch of whiny, stingy, effete Catalans. Over 30 million Kurds are scattered between Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria, in a roughly contiguous zone, but those nations with their beautiful angles and curves of their Sykes-Picot style boarders, and asymmetric lines, very modernist and beautiful, in a stupid self serving sort of way, don't want the Kurds to be Kurds in their nation, but don't want to let them out of the social contract either. While the Ottomans under the Millet System had allowed various ethnic courts to act independently of the central government, had maintained a status quo between the various communities of the Empire through integration and the use of the Millet system, including the Kurds, until a bunch of unruly young Turks kicked that system squarely in the nuts/cunt. The resulting artificial states each repressed their Kurdish [Gerrymandered] minorities in-turn, from the 1920's until the early 21st century, when a mixture of American Adventurism/Militarism, Arab Spring, and long simmering ethnic tensions provided a narrow opportunity for Kurds to assert themselves as a proud and ancient people, who have had the fruits of their labor usurped by lesser nations, humiliated, murdered in mass without reprisal, and have suffered unspeakably for lack of a homeland, and thus, by any standard of national morality, deserve one.

Its even kinda shaped like Czechoslovakia

Yet, from Western civilization, crickets, from the UN, who has so dismally failed the Kurdish people time and again through out the 2nd act of the 20th century, distracted whistling, at best. Israel, the most censured state on earth is the only nation to support their independence. What is so horrible about the Kurds that they must remain minorities under the thumb of others? Why is America, who since 2003 have been praising the bravery and professionalism of the Peshmerga forces, their democracy their society, in Northern Syria and in Iraq, how they credited them with pushing ISIS from Northern Syria, and holding the line against ISIS in 2014 when the Iraqi army fled like cowards leaving the Kurds to their fate, why would the USA, a land founded on fighting high handed unnatural rule, deny the Kurds a democratic, egalitarian Nation State? Because it would lead to a series of hectic days, annoying schedules, possible hurt feelings,and  managing angry and competing allies who desperately want to maintain the prestige of a nation that can keep other smaller nations under their thumb indefinitely. Additionally, if the Kurds get their own state, they will be more focused on building that State, than acting as a proxy army for western powers who want them to deal with the ISIS threat that they had some part in creating, but no stomach for fighting.

"[Obama Speaking] All right, we'll drop bombs and guns indiscriminately in Syria and Northern Iraq, have the Kurds win the war, and then apportion their gains, to their oppressors"

Frankly, why did the relatively secular  Free Syrian Army crumble, and much of what was left of it went to ISIS? Because there were no great powers willing to back the opponents of Assad, while Hezbollah, Iran, and Russia gathered to back Assad, and even then the west's reaction was tepid and half-hearted compared to what Assad was getting, so who were Sunni Muslims supposed to look to for help on the ground besides Muslim extremists? Who could get them money, guns and training? And even in the fight against this manufactured foe, we are willing to double-cross true friends and allies to do it, in a manor that plays into the maniacal Assad and mad Ayatollah's, not to mention an ever more autocratic and Islamist Erdogan. I hope to God our nation will look past short sighted expedience and give these true friends of America the support they deserve, rather than throw another people under the bus because the State department would rather appease states that already exist, rather than support a people who desperately need a state.

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