Coach McGuirk: Personal Hero

McGuirk, a proud crude man full of wisdom. His grandeur rivaled that of Rome,yet the show he starred on has been cancelled so I will leave you with a few gems of McGuirk wisdom.

-Brendon there's nothing wrong with lying to women. Or the government. Or parents. Or God.

-I've been all over the world, Brendon, except for Europe. And Asia...And South America, I haven't been to there yet.

-Remember, You made someone do something bad with swords.

-[looking at a bald child with an oxygen ventilator] I love this kid. He's like a chipmunk with a disease.

-[explaining why he still has his Job]You have to be certified or something? Yeah, I'm not. You can become coach, of a sport that you don't care about, you don't know how to play, you're not good with kids. But I have had the job for three years. You'd think that they would check up but they don't.

-I'll race / To feel the wind in my face / And I'll race / To feel alive / And I'll race / To feel like I own this place / And I'll race until I die / And I'll race against the other racers / And I'll race with one big shout / And I'll race against the clock / And I'll race against myself / And I'll race / And I'll race!

-[Brendons dog has just destroyed McGuirk's Bonsai tree]Get off my property Brendon!

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