To my friends in "kultured" society...Part I

Freedom: Its just too hard!

As we have all known for years freedom isn't free, and liberty has nothing to do with liberalism. I am glad that our Supreme court has finally realized we're just not up to making our own choices, and I am not talking about the right to choose because that is a misnomer, its just the right to scratch out a personal mistake on your life's rap sheet. No, finally the government, and its associated shadowy organizations have decided to make our lives so much easier.

1) No more states rights - The Supreme court has come down squarely on the side of our current old white men, instead of the documents left to us by smarter, kinder, more sensible old white men who thought that the feds should let the states do their thing. The " Fuzz" as I will now refer to the supreme court has decided the 1/5th of the nation has no right to choose which medications they will allow their doctors to proscribe, of course those ten states and strangely enough, much of the Deep south came out in favor of the states right to regulate the health care of its citizens. I am of course talking about the medical Marijuana laws, which the government thinks is a dire threat to this nations interstate drug problem. That's right the Fuzz thinks Chronically ill patients growing their own medication (or having a care taker grow it for them) for personal use entirely within the state is a interstate commerce issue, I mean that's what the Constitution was talking about, Right?

2) A mild distaste for G-d - Yeah we all hate G-d, but we have to give him props, he did invent the first non-oppressive, impartial codes of law in human history. Yet for some reason this historically significant widely known symbol of Law and Justice has no place inside a US court house. Outside a courthouse sure, because that's were universally accepted innate laws belong, outside a courthouse.

3)Copyright Infringement,it's a good reason to shut down helpful services- Alright, I don't usually get mad but when some one gets in the way of my Music, TV, and porn habit, I get mad. The Fuzz seems to think that if an object or service is incidentally used for possibly illegal purposes, of course failing to mention the copyright creep that the Music industry has been performing for the last century, then it is obviuosly illegal. When the first copyright laws were made it was only for 17 yrs, then when the Sheet music industry got off the ground in the late 19th century it slowly started creeping forward till it is currently a 100+ years for a corporate property, and 75 years after persons death if a person owns it. I mean the UN is bitching and whining over US patents on drugs they spent Billions creating and that only last 17 yrs, yet Walt Disney gets 125 years on a highly profitable mouse drawing. Now in addition to hounding teens with teams of lawyers on barely legal grounds, they can shut down services which by design are breaking no law, and only a collection of other people can make it in any way or form Copyright infringement. I mean the line in the constitution that even made Copyrights a legal idea is where it says in Sectiona 8. Clause 8. " To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries." I seriously don't understand how making a new technology illegal, and there by stunting the growth of other industries, is covered in this, but as in all things I am sure the Fuzz knows best.

4)Land rights, the founding fathers didn't care about that right? - Well the Supreme court seems to think the building of a Commercial parking lot is a good reason to allow the government to evict families and communities from their home, to confiscate their property, for the sake of commercial development; not to build something for public use, but to take it for others use. Yeah, can't see how that could be abused, or how that might be unfairly disruptive to peoples lives, yup, looks entirely legit to me.

Anyway I could go on and on about our governments near constant abuse of our rights and the subtle erosion of our abilities to live our lives as we see fit, but instead I'm going to go read Mrs. Lindbergh's "The Wave of the Future," because at this rate that's where we're going.

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